Hobart Marathon - Shut off a gas pump while still pumping gas

Cicero, Illinois 2 comments
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I filled my car with gas and asked my stepdaughter to meet me there to put gas in her car as well, while pumping hers the individual inside the store asked me to move my car from the pump even though the pump behind me was empty. After pointing this out to him, he became irate and began berating my stepdaughter while I moved my vehicle. He kept badgering my stepdaughter even though I had already moved my vehicle, she said " shoo fly the issue is over" he stormed off into the store and shut off the gas pump and threatened to call the police.

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Because what you were doing was unsafe.

to Nikki #773036

How is it unsafe to purchase two tanks of gasoline at a local business? They just lost several customers for their childish behavior. I can't wait until they are put out of business.

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